Tavish Timothy

Sincerely, Tommy
Great Goings Astray


“If your journey is long enough in wild country, you change, albeit temporarily.”
            – John McPhee, Draft No. 4

“When you don’t know how much things have changed, you don’t see that they are changing or that they can change.”

            – Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark

Developed over the course of several immersive walks over several seasons in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, Great Goings Astray (2017) is an ode to the walks and writings of Robert Walser and a close-up on Olmsted and Vaux’s topographic design and planned landscape.

Taking cues from Impressionism, an art movement prominent at the time of the parks creation, the pastoral scenery of man-made waterways and guided sightlines is rendered as a meditation on how the past spills into the present, at once informing and distorting our understanding of both.